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Episode 7 · 1 week ago

ClockTower: "Gray City, Part Two" Ep. 7

Join our team as Rok and Yeager stay determined to complete their mission. While Sam and Raegan struggle with their connection to the light at the heart of the Gray City. 

Episode 6 · 3 weeks ago

ClockTower: "Gray City, Part One" Ep. 6

Embarking onto a new mission, our heroes are thrust into a world seemingly devoid of life. Join them as they discover what a strange light might mean for them, and what it already meant, for the Gray City. 

Episode 5 · 1 month ago

ClockTower: "Through the Mirror" Ep. 5

Our heroes finally confront their adversary, and begin negotiations, with a bang. 

Will they resolve their conflict, or start the mission yet again? 

Episode 4 · 5 months ago

ClockTower: "Through the Mirror" Ep. 4

Our heroes delve deeper into their mission. Feeling a little lost as they struggle to find a solution to the station's problem, and their own.

We follow our four heroes through strange and far flung worlds as they set out on missions from the mysterious ClockTower, all the while discovering who they are and what purpose they truly serve.

Are you ready to step through the Mirror?

Times ticking,

Welcome to the ClockTower.


@ellinthris (Dungeon Master, Director, Co-Editor) (Producer, Composer, Co-Editor, Co-Star)

@dcbcrash (Co-Star)

@zerobeat7 (Co-Star)

Cal (Co-Star)